Ducati Monster






























This is a bit of a contrast to my Rocket III  - A Ducati S620 i.e. - the smallest in the Monster family.

At only 177kg, the 60hp/618cc engine is plenty to give you a good run around the mountain twisties in my area.

The handling is fantastic, the engine sound is excellent, unique to Ducati. The brakes are very good. I could recommend one of these for any beginner, it is so easy to ride (this model is no longer in production, the new one has a 696cc engine,  just a little bit bigger, but a complete make-over)


A few pictures of my Monster, including a couple of friends, a Hypermotard, a 696 and a Monster "Dark"


bulletMy monster
bulletHypermotard ...
bulletI like the yellow frame on the Dark

bulletA 696 Monster, very nice in white
bulletYou are never alone with a Duc